Growth is tough. Arifu makes it easier.

Arifu is a new kind of platform that's taking quality education to scale.
Our personalized learning tool draws from a marketplace of life changing content and works anywhere there's a mobile phone.

To realize impact and profit in fast growing economies, organizations must engage, train, and learn from vast networks of customers, retailers, distributors, suppliers, employees, and beneficiaries. Doing this well is both difficult and expensive.

To create, grow, and secure a good income, working women and men must be able to access the knowledge and capital they need to thrive. Doing this at all is both difficult and expensive.

One platform. Two accounts. Endless potential.

What sets us apart…


A first of its kind, the Arifu platform is an Adaptive Learning System that measures individual user needs and capabilities over Web and SMS in order to offer custom experiences that result in the greatest impact. Simple and robust, our platform works on any mobile device and over any mobile network to ensure the farthest reach possible.


Our digital learning experts work with your team to design and develop behaviourally-informed training, advertising, and data collection programs. For those who don't want to build custom programs from scratch, Arifu offers a growing library of rated content offered under open and royalty-based licenses from other providers.


Automated, real-time analytics and reporting at the program, content, and user levels enable organizations to quantify the impact of their programs and extract insights that will fuel innovation and informed business decisions. Users own their own data and can export it on demand from our secure servers.


Our business model is designed with scalability in mind and can reduce the cost of existing outreach programs by 90% or more. Department-level financial accounts, budget controls, custom alerts, and cost-benefit analytics help organizations minimize, measure, and justify their programs down to each interaction.

Simply put, it works.


higher completion rates of training and testing with digital learners.


higher performance for digital learners than in-person learners.


increase in knowledge retention following daily reminders, as compared to 7% decrease without.


purchase rates for digital certificates priced at 400ksh per half day course.


desire of users to continue learning through Arifu in the future.

Results are from a two-month trial conducted in collaboration with the International Labour Organization (ILO).

What our users are saying.

With Arifu, I could be in a million households at one time and that would be my joy.

Catherine ILO-Certified SME Trainer.

We need this in my village so the youth can improve their skills.

Nampaso Maasai Pastoralist.

Learning in person, there may be some pressure, but on the phone there's no pressure.

Stella Sales Representative.

You can learn anywhere and be tested anywhere. It's so nice… I like it. I love it.

Victor Parking Attendant.

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